“RICO” Defendant John Ritenour & Insurance Office of America Accused of “Stealing Insurance Commissions” from Its Own Agents; Witnesses Sought Regarding Allegation

In New Lawsuits Filed Against the Ritenours, Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour and Heath

In New Lawsuits Filed Against the Ritenours, Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour are accused of “Skimming Insurance Commissions” from IOA’s Sales Agents: Witnesses Sought in Connection to Allegations

Orlando, FL, September 03, 2020 –(PR.com)– Witnesses sought relative to allegations against Insurance Office of America and “RICO” Defendants John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour for “Skimming Insurance Commissions” from Insurance Office of America insurance Agents. In an Amended Complaint filed in Broward County Circuit Court, Plaintiff, represented by Farrow Law Firm, alleges: “Defendants Valli Ritenour, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour (wife, husband and son) are founders/corporate officers of Defendant Insurance Office of America – one of the largest privately-owned insurance companies in the United States. These Defendants tout themselves as having created a ‘family-oriented’ insurance company that ‘partners’ with their sales force to provide the best working environment and largest commissions in the insurance industry.

“Defendants Valli Ritenour, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour are the proverbial ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ as they built an empire through the commission of multiple fraudulent schemes, causing direct injury to Plaintiff and others similarly situated, including (a) skimming insurance commissions from Insurance Office of America’s sales agents through ‘cooking the books’; (b) buying ‘books of business’ and refusing to pay commissions on accounts and laundering their illegal gains through scores of separate corporate vehicles and real estate transactions; (c) the manipulation of Defendant Insurance Office of America’s stock by making the company look healthier by claiming large accounts as belonging to Insurance Office of America through bullying, deceit, terminations, intimidation and ‘mobster-like’ behavior; and (d) attempting to intimidate a witness.

“When anyone complains or is deemed a threat, Defendant Heath Ritenour, as Insurance Office of America’s newest CEO, is known as the termination enforcer who ‘gets rid of’ otherwise loyal employees and agents – no matter how long they have been with the company. At Insurance Office of America – nothing will be tolerated other than 100% allegiance to Defendant John Ritenour and his son Heath Ritenour.”

The Amended Complaint goes on to allege: “Defendants John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour’s real secret is that they know by stealing accounts, skimming off commissions and shaking down Insurance Office of America agents with no one to challenge them, Defendant Insurance Office of America’s stock price can be manipulated for their personal gain and those of their cronies who have enabled them for years. Indeed, Defendants John Ritenour and Heath’s wealth, power and influence have made them all but ‘untouchable’ in the eyes of the hard-working IOA agents and employees who dare not use their voice in fear of immediate – certain – and dire consequences. In fact, recently, upon information and belief, Defendant Insurance Office of America’s Corporate Board has become permanent – cementing support and secrecy for Defendants John and Insurance Office of America’s newest ’emperor’ – Heath’s schemes and lawlessness.”

The complaint further alleges: “…as to some large accounts procured by a sales agent, Defendant John Ritenour, Valli Ritenour and/or Heath Ritenour step in and ‘steal’ the account by claiming that Defendant John, Heath or another designated Insurance Office of America agent is the ‘producer’ or ‘co-producer’ or ‘lead producer’ of the account without even discussing the same with the sales associate. In fact, in some instances, Defendant John Ritenour is so brazen that he tells the agent that’s ‘just how this one goes.’ At the end of the day, this large account may become a ‘status’ account whereby Insurance Office of America ‘REBATES’ its insurance rates in exchange for Insurance Office of America being able to use a company logo or have its name posted at a sports stadium.”

If you have any information regarding the above allegations, or as to the reputations of Insurance Office of American, John Ritenour or Heath Ritenour, please contact us at [email protected]. All communications are confidential.

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