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He seemed, indeed, singularly fond of his own company–or, as the PERSONNEL of the Advance

He seemed, indeed, singularly fond of his own company–or, as the PERSONNEL of the Advance expressed it, “grossly addicted to evil associations.” But then it should be said in justice to the stranger that the PERSONNEL was himself of a too convivial disposition fairly to judge one differently gifted, and had, moreover, experienced a slight rebuff in an effort at an “interview.”
“Well, Professor Maxon, to be quite frank,” he said at length, “we learned at Singapore the personnel of your party, which included a former naval officer whom we have been seeking for many years.
Changes had taken place in the personnel of the oyster boats.
D’Artagnan did not think proper to inform him of the reduction he had made in his personnel. He feared that the confidence of his associate would be abated by such an avowal.
Three white men, then, two half-breeds, one negro, and three Indians made up the personnel of the little expedition which lay waiting for its instructions at Manaos before starting upon its singular quest.
In the good old days, when she had been plain Polly Davis, of the personnel of the chorus of various musical comedies, Lady Wetherby would have suggested a short way of disposing of this untimely visitor; but she had a position to keep up now.
Qualified personnel examined these masks and found that some had expired filters and others were torn or dry-rotted.
9 requires the CPA to have a system of quality control and describes an adequate system of quality control as: “a process to provide the member with reasonable assurance that the firm (public practice) or employer’s (nonpublic practice) personnel comply with applicable professional standards.”
So, what should an employer keep in an employee’s personnel file?
Since its inception, DPMO’s mission has expanded from initially accounting primarily for missing personnel from the Vietnam War era to accounting for missing personnel from past and current conflicts.
The concept’s two biggest advantages are its ability to fill in the personnel capability gap and subcontract management.
* require an examination following training and an annual certification process to ensure that all security personnel are in good standing;

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