Day: October 1, 2020

Industrial Media CEO Eli Holzman on Unscripted TV Demand

Eli Holzman, a veteran reality TV producer, used to joke that his company’s specialty was turning out “really good shows that are really hard to make that nobody watches.”

But then came the streaming boom. Now, as Holzman tells Variety podcast Strictly Business, there is seemingly insatiable demand for shows that would have been tough sells in the past. He cited Netflix’s sleeper hit “Indian Matchmaking” as a prime example.

“We thought, ‘Here’s another good

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Tussle for ECB’s Last Big Job for Years Becomes Two-Man Race

(Bloomberg) — The race to clinch the European Central Bank’s final vacancy on its Executive Board for half a decade has just two contenders, both of them male.

Both candidates — Dutch central bank official Frank Elderson and former Slovenian Governor Bostjan Jazbec — have expertise in financial supervision, befitting the likelihood that the position will bring with it the role of second-in-command at the euro zone’s watchdog for lenders.

diagram, timeline: ECB Musical Chairs

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ECB Musical Chairs

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