Immigrant entrepreneurs create more jobs than their American counterparts

The Donald Trump administration has been cracking down on the coveted H-1B work visa by portraying that immigrants steal American jobs. New research, however, debunks that perception.

Immigrants in the US act more as “job creators” than as “job takers.”

Immigrants are 80% more likely to be entrepreneurs than natives in the US, according to a July 2020 study. “This is not just small businesses like restaurants and laundromats, but also high-growth ventures like Tesla and Google that go on to create thousands of jobs,” Daniel Kim, study author and assistant professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, told Quartz.

The study, authored by Kim and Pierre Azoulay (professor at MIT), Benjamin Jones (professor at Northwestern Kellogg), and Javier Miranda (economist at US Census), was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

In the US, companies founded by immigrants create 42% more jobs than

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American Water Works’ Q2 2020 Results Demonstrate It Has A Strong Business Model Part 2 (NYSE:AWK)

American Water Works Company, Inc (AWK) has been my favorite company to analyze. It is one of the few companies that I have covered that I feel is ran by disciplined and focused executives. Besides this, the company’s guidance usually is correct, and the profit margins are pretty stable. I will present my revenue estimates from my last AWK article and my updated DDM Valuation in this article.

Important Information And Key Assumptions From Original Article

In part one of this series, I mentioned how I was shocked that AWK lost $21 million (after-tax loss of $15 mn or $ 0.09 in EPS) due to the adverse effects of the coronavirus. I expected that the company would lose a couple of million because of the increase in delinquent accounts. Yet, I didn’t take into account that commercial/industrial loss in revenue would outweigh the growth in residential revenue.

Figure 1 –

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Remembering George Giannaris: Owner of Maverick restaurant who realized ’the American dream’

George Apostolos Giannaris, of Lemoyne, was a well known restauranteur in Harrisburg, having operated the Coronet and Maverick restaurants.

Giannaris, 88, died peacefully in his sleep on Aug. 20.

Giannaris, who immigrated from his native Greece to the United States in 1951, survived World War II and the Greek Civil War. When he arrived in Harrisburg, he took over the Belmont Restaurant on Chestnut Street. He later went on to open the Coronet Restaurant on Second Street with his younger brother, Konstantine “Gus” Giannaris in 1967 and bought the Maverick Restaurant in 1974.

At the Maverick, Giannaris brought in fresh roses from his garden, purchased local produce, meats and seafood and embraced the ‘farm to table’ concept before it was in vogue. Gourmet magazine requested one of his recipes.

The Maverick was known for attracting movers and shakers from the state Capitol. Many would joke that state legislators and state

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