Terry Reese: Congress should protect front-line nurses, not big insurance companies | Columns

Upon finishing nursing school, nurses across the country take the Nightingale Pledge and promise to devote their lives to service. Here in Missouri, thousands of nurses have upheld this noble goal and risked their lives on the front line treating almost 80,000 COVID-19 patients. These heroes deserve our respect, and our elected officials should do everything they can to support them.

As the president of the Missouri Nurses Association, it is my job to educate lawmakers and the public on policy choices that will affect front-line nurses and the patients they treat. Congress is currently debating two pieces of legislation that could end the problem of surprise medical billing. Congress is right to tackle this issue that has affected more than half of American adults, according to a 2018 survey. That is why it is critical that members of Congress understand which legislative solutions actually protect patients and nurses in

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Khudobin sticks with Stars, Sens give Murray big money

Goalies are dominating the early headlines of 2020 NHL Free Agency, including the Dallas Stars signing Anton Khudobin, and the Ottawa Senators giving Matt Murray a stunning contract.

Stars sign Khudobin to three-year contract

Heading into 2020 NHL Free Agency, many expected Anton Khudobin to be priced out of Dallas. Nope, apparently not.

The Stars found a way to sign Khudobin, 34, to a three-year contract. Pierre LeBrun reports that the contract totals $10 million, so the cap hit would be about $3.33M per season.

LeBrun shared the interesting structure of the deal:

No doubt, Khudobin became more prominent in the hockey mainstream during the Stars’ run to the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. For those who zoomed out, they

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Tesla owner, ACLU win injunction against DMV in ‘offensive’ vanity plate dispute

A Tesla Model 3 owner won a preliminary injunction on Friday against the Rhode Island DMV in a dispute involving the use of a vanity plate displaying the message “FKGAS.” In response to an anonymous complaint earlier this year, the agency belatedly determined the messaging was offensive and that the plate must be returned. However, a lawsuit was filed in partnership with the state’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) branch contesting the decision on constitutional grounds.

The “very essence of vanity plates is personal expression,” wrote U.S. District Judge Mary McElroy in the decision granting the injunction, agreeing that the lawsuit’s case was likely to succeed on the merits. “The revocation of the license plate, which would prohibit Mr. Carroll from expressing his views on fossil fuel propulsion of motor vehicles, would stifle him in an irreparable way.” The judge also suggested the overall authority of DMVs to reject “offensive”

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Qualia forms integration partnership with title insurance company

Qualia, a digital real estate closing platform, has teamed up with Agents National Title Insurance Co. (ANTIC) for a suite of integrations.

Through the integrations, title agents working with ANTIC will now be able to complete all of their commitment and policy production work within the Qualia platform.

“We are excited to work with Agents National Title Insurance Co. to empower them to complete closings more efficiently and support their rapid growth,” said Nate Baker, chief executive officer of Qualia. “This integration with ANTIC and their agent partners will provide the infrastructure to collaborate more effectively and make home closing more transparent and efficient.”’

The partnership also gives ANTIC’s network of title agents direct access to their jackets, CPLs, rates, and forms through Qualia. According to Qualia, agents will no longer have to enter data into both systems to complete title work.

“Our title agents are the heart of our

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Pearland’s StrongFound Personal Training stays successful pivoting during pandemic

When StrongFound Personal Training expanded the gym in 2019, it added a new addition in the back, which it turned into a lounge and more gym space. (Haley Morrison/Community Impact Newspaper)

StrongFound Personal Training sets itself apart with its target demographic: those who are 40 years old or older.

For owner Seena Khonsari, one of the most rewarding parts of the business is to work with older trainees. It is one thing to train a 25-year-old; it is another to train a person who does not think they are capable of exercise, Khonsari said.

“Here, we speak beginner,” he said.

Since StrongFound Personal Training opened in Pearland in March 2016, clients have come to lose weight, gain muscle or have accountability. Being able to meet the client regardless of where they are is one of the best parts of being a personal trainer, Khonsari said.

“Ultimately, we are providing leadership,”

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The NFL needs a playoff bubble to protect against coronavirus

The Deets is a weekday morning dose of commentary — delivered at 7 a.m. — from sports columnist Dieter Kurtenbach that wraps up everything important in the world of sports and looks forward to another crazy day ahead.

I know the NFL wants to expand its footprint. Teams play games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in the league’s quest for total television domination.

But Tuesday Night Football? That’s a bridge too far.

Unfortunately, the NFL on Tuesday is not the half-baked idea of some television executive — it’s the best route the NFL has to ensure the Tennessee Titans can play their Week 5 game amid a coronavirus outbreak that’s now at 23 known cases.

The NFL had nothing but time to learn the lessons of other sports leagues as it pertained to playing amid a pandemic, but in typical NFL fashion, it did its own thing, believing it’s

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This Local Milwaukee Business Owner Handmade About 3,000 Masks

Michelle Lopez, founder and designer of Mask On Mask Off has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years and owns a children’s clothing shop in Milwaukee. When the pandemic hit, the factory which produces the clothes for her store closed down. Seeing the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and realizing she had the supplies and means to make her own masks, Lopez started hand-making masks out of her house in Milwaukee back in March.

“I was like well I have stuff here in my house that I can use to make masks, so I’m going to make some masks because it is going to take my mind off of things and I can help people out,” said Lopez.

She made around 350 to 400 masks with fabrics and things she had around the house. Lopez wanted to help as many people as possible.

Photo courtesy of Mask
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Florida company selling asteroid insurance ahead of Nov. 2 fly-by

Scientists have said that an asteroid roughly the size of a school bus is headed for Earth, one day before Election Day. While the celestial object, known as 2018 VP1, is not expected to collide with our planet, there is a way to make sure you’re covered just in case: purchasing asteroid insurance. 

RELATED: Asteroid headed near Earth the day before Election Day

Mike St. Lawrence, who owns the Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida became a viral sensation when news broke of a limited or comprehensive alien abduction insurance policy his agency sells. 


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Four Types of Scandals Utility Companies Get Into With Money From Your Electric Bills

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This article was produced in partnership with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which is a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.

Across the country, electric utilities have worked the levers of power to win favorable treatment from state policymakers.

This week, a Richmond Times-Dispatch and ProPublica investigation found that Dominion Energy, Virginia’s largest public utility, successfully lobbied to reshape a major climate bill to cover its massive offshore wind project. The move shifted risk from the company’s shareholders to its ratepayers. As a result of the legislation, a typical residential customer’s bill is projected to increase by nearly $30 per month over the next decade.

Dominion says its wind project is necessary to meet the state’s new renewable energy goals. The utility’s

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Prologis Leads Industrial REITs In Solar Power Deployment (NYSE:PLD)


It’s obvious that the business case for industrial REITs to install rooftop solar power is not immediately compelling today – it is not a default standard feature for new warehouse construction. A few minutes scrolling around a satellite map shows a lot of empty warehouse roofs and documents the number of past and present decisions to not install solar panels.

However, as costs have declined, the business case has become stronger and may have reached a tipping point. There are at least three elements to the business case for commercial-scale solar power – cost, preference, and regulation:

  1. Measurable reduction in operating cost.
  2. Preference related to environmental certification and performance attributes, independent of cost, is arguably becoming more important to institutional investors and to many of the most desirable tenants. This may become a significant screening and selection criteria for REIT investors and for industrial space selection by tenants (marketed
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